About Me

The Founder

Since 2002,

MusePhotos has been evolving. Every photo lends itself to being a seperate piece of art, creating a gallery of images that is breathtaking. Each photo is taken with the space and feel in mind, helping each location produce a separate emotion which will attract the look you desire. I make sure the lighting is perfect so I only shoot at certain times of day assuring perfect lighting everytime. I play with the light to bring out the essence of the natural beauty in the person or place. I see this as more than just a job for me. It is a form of art and my passion so I try to project that in every person or property I shoot.

Tanya Diaz started taking photos at 8 years old. Her first photos were with her mother's camera on a school field trip to the Everglades. This began a lifelong love for capturing moments on film. At 15, she bought her first point and shoot camera, and at 21 she started shooting film, and printing in a darkroom at Miami Dade College. She continued shooting every day, and started shooting abandoned buildings in 2004. This launched her career as a professional photographer shooting architecture and design in 2006. She has been featured in a number of publications such as Robb Report, Ocean Drive, Brickell Magazine, 944 and various others for her architecture work(www.mlxpix.com), and has had many TV interviews on Channel 10, CNN in Espanol, and MegaTV, for her abandoned project called Abandoned Muse (www.abandonedmuse.com). She has worked on sets for MTV and Nickelodeon, and has shot production stills for Caso Cerrado as a stand in photographer. She now works as a Freelance Photographer, and also has a Part-Time as an Adjunct Professor of Photography at Miami Dade College Wolfson Campus, where she teaches numerous techniques in photography, and photo editing. Please use the contact form on this website for any print or speaking inquiries.

The Skills & Equipment

I only use the best equipment when shooting. My cameras is a Nikon D90 which sports a 12.3 MPX sensor. I use 1 or 2 SB-800 flashes for a crisp clean lit style, and lenses like the Nikon 50mm 1.4, Tamron 90mm 2.8, Nikon 85mm 1.8, or the the Sigma 10-20mm aspherical lens, for a sharp look. I researched until I found the combination of perfect equipment. For headshots I have my own studio where I have various backdrops including green screen. I use Apple computers running Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and Final Cut Pro for video editing. Because of my success on social media, I am now also getting into Graphic design and Social Marketing and I use InDesign & Illustrator.

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